About Mojalefa

After many years working in the public domain, I returned home full time to gaze at the sun as it rises and (almost) in control of my time. I had time to read and engage in valuable projects to upgrade my community. But to do that with confidence and freely, I realized I needed financial resources. Persistent search rewarded me with Wealthy Affiliate: Welcoming; trustworthy; helpful and, above all, ethical.

A Little Background

I grew up in the Catholic Church in Potchefstroom, North West, South Africa. Naturally, I went to a catholic school – when parochial schools were still allowed – and that way I was shielded from the hardships of an extremely harsh and racially segregated town. Growing up in the Catholic Church – and nurtured by strict Christian parents – instilled in me the value of other human beings beside myself: that human beings are intrinsically good and need to be treated with utmost respect. But my family did not escape the crushing poverty that was with and all around us. I remember resolving as a child that I would use education to defeat poverty and live the life I wished.

This dream became a reality many years later when I graduated from college and graduate school to become a college professor and later an executive manager in higher education.

To Assist is to be Fulfilled

As a professor, I resolved I’d do teaching well to ensure that the students I encounter receive the best of what I offered in order to easily engage in that subject with other students from around the world. I plunged in with confidence and passion and there is no better satisfaction than to see your students, especially the struggling ones, succeed and change their condition of birth. Some of those students, who the system had discarded, have become successful academics, entrepreneurs, clergy and teachers.

The Goal of this Website

With this website, I’d like to explore the world of photography and photographs better, whether I can use it as a tool to affect a few of those struggling folks I interact with. But I am also hoping to bring on to the world stage some beautiful scenes from the countrysides of South Africa, of terrain, people and animals. The site will be about using the camera (whether in a mobile phone or the traditional SLR) to tell stories, to change lives … and to learn and appreciate as we do so.  Most importantly, the hope is that during this journey, there is an additional soul out there whose skill in photography is enhanced and appreciated.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,